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Welcome to Learn North West

Providing specialist education solutions

We established LEARN with the simple aim of providing high quality tuition through high quality teaching. As such, at LEARN we only employ highly experienced and effective classroom teachers to work with your children.

Our qualified, skilled, passionate teachers believe in engaging each and every child through the process of effective teaching methods.  As such, we do not follow set programmes of learning; our LEARN sessions are not one size fits all, but, are individually planned to meet the learning goals of our students.

LEARN NW Tutors was founded by Stephen Readey and Maria Moyles, experienced teachers, school leaders and consultants in education; together, we are delighted to bring LEARN to the children of Greater Manchester. Our LEARN project is about providing the best teaching experience in small groups and/or a one to one setting with your children so they can achieve their potential and beyond.  In our LEARN sessions children will make progress, they will become more confident, independent and resilient.

Currently offering

Areas covered


Free introductory group session when booking for the first time!  

Please contact us for details


Currently, we have group sessions and one to one sessions in English and  Maths (Year 3/4 – GCSE) running in  Altrincham on Thursdays.


Currently we have group sessions in English, maths and Entrance Exam preparation for Trafford schools on Thursdays in Altrincham. We have further availability for one to one and paired tuition at various times and locations across Greater Manchester, please enquire for details.

At LEARN North West we are committed to providing GREAT teachers that will guarantee your child receives the best education possible.  

We aim to bridge the ‘gaps’ in formal education, we invest in the wider learning of your child and together work towards ensuring a bright  and successful future.




One hour group sessions ( 4- 6 children)


One hour paired sessions


One hour one to one sessions

Our Pricing

Our price structure depends on the age, level and subject of the tuition being provided.  Our prices are competitive for the level of expertise on offer; your child will be working only with qualified, highly experienced teachers who have up to date knowledge of the relevant curriculums and examinations, some of our tutors are also examiners and senior examiners for leading UK exam boards. Our tutors have continued access to training and specialist advice from curriculum leaders, examiners and education experts in their fields.

Free Sessions:

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LEARN sessions are about children at all ages and abilities achieving and enjoying their learning.

First and foremost our sessions are about learning, enjoyment of learning and confidence in learning. Children work best when they are guided by a skilled, supportive teacher and have opportunities to learn together, from and with their peers, as such, we offer both traditional one to one sessions as well as paired and small group learning opportunities.  

In small groups children will be encouraged and able to work together, discuss and debate ideas, question each other’s thinking and sharpen the necessary skills they need to be successful in their school based learning.  

Small group and one to one tuition

This is where a teacher gives a child intensive individualised support.  It is usually undertaken outside of normal traditional formal lessons as additional teaching.

Evidence suggests that this type of teaching should be explicitly be linked to normal school based learning but with greater attention given to the personal needs of the child and their specific learning gaps.

At LEARN our teachers are skilled at quickly identifying learning gaps and planning bespoke learning programmes for your child that support, extend and enhance their curriculum based learning.

How effective is it?

Evidence indicates that this type of extra intervention can be extremely effective and have profoundly positive outcomes on the achievements of the child as well as a their confidence, self-esteem and independence.

Short 45 to 60 minute sessions over a period of 6 to 12 weeks result in optimum impact.

* Research cited from the Education Endowment Foundation


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