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The 11 Plus


If you are planning for your child to attend any of the following schools in

Trafford your child will need to sit and pass the relevant 11 plus examination:

Depending on which school or schools you apply for determines the type of exam your child will need to sit but typically all involve elements of verbal and non-verbal reasoning, arithmetic and mathematic testing and require children to have competent standards of literacy and vocabulary.

Why students should prepare?

Many schools do not specifically teach the specific components that are tested for the 11+ and therefore the types of questions that children are faced with can seem unfamiliar to them; this can cause children to become stressed and anxious which affects children’s ability to answer the questions. When children are familiar with processes it helps them to feel more confident, enabling them to be more successful in the exams.

How can you guide your child through the 11 plus?

Success in the 11+ is the cumulative effect of systematic preparation that is undertaken over a period of time; this starts with what students already know, introduces new learning, consolidates that learning and then refines application of that learning with examination technique.

Our Course

We run a year long course to prepare students for the 11 plus examinations with our friendly, expert teachers.

Our bespoke course begins in September and runs through to the following September when the children will sit the exam(s).

Throughout the course we develop children’s strengths and boost areas that they are less secure; we build confidence and familiarity with the exam and expand upon the wider learning and skills that children need not only to be successful in the 11 plus but to be successful in their whole education. We incorporate regular formal and informal testing and keep children and parents up to date with progress.

In addition to the teaching on our course we offer additional learning through at home resources to support children with their independent preparations at home.

Our course consists of one-hour weekly lessons in small groups.

Why groups?

Course dates and venue:

We run our 11+ course as a group course in Altrincham.  We are currently based from Tesco which is a convenient central location with free parking for 3 hours. Children will be in groups of approximately 4 children to one teacher.

Our September course:

Our course starts on Thursday 6th September; 4.15pm, 5.15pm and 6.15pm.

We offer a FREE trial for all students, please enquire for further information.

For more information:

For more information about our bespoke course please contact us for more information: info@learnnorthwest.com / 07879033399

There is a wealth of information available directly from the schools regarding the 11+ including links to practice materials, sample papers etc. We strongly advise that you look directly at the schools you are intending on applying to.

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